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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 1: Sentenced to Prison


WHAT???? How can this be happening to me? I’m a mom! I’m a wife! I have a career! I have house payments! I’m not a criminal. How can this be happening to me???? I’M HOSTING BUNCO AT MY HOUSE THIS WEEK! I have baked goods to donate to the church social! This cannot be happening! I’m INNOCENT!


Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind, and my arms were handcuffed behind my back. I yelled ‘NO’ as loudly as I could, never imagining that someone would actually think I am a criminal deserving of this treatment. I was escorted out of the courtroom, barely having time to glance at my horrified husband through my tears. I did not know then that it would be weeks before I would see him again, and months before we would be able to hug or hold hands.

I was allowed to speak briefly with my attorney in a holding cell. He looked as shocked as I felt, since he was as aware of my innocence as I was. He assured me he would do everything possible to prove my innocence. Why couldn’t he assure me that he would get me out of here immediately? A mistake had clearly been made. I assumed he knew exactly how to get innocent people out of prison. Instead of telling me how he would get me home by that evening, and back to work the next day, he informed me that I should probably give him my jewelry so it didn’t get lost or stolen by the court employees. What? I’m in here, falsely sentenced to prison, with the people around me thinking I’m a criminal, while my attorney is telling me that these people who are getting paid to imprison me MIGHT STEAL MY BELONGINGS?

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